Please join Karolina and Piroz on November 16-18, 2017 as we celebrate our wedding in Spain.



Our Story

Karolina and Piroz met in February 2014, when a common friend (Karin, one of the bridesmaids) set them up for a blind date. After two jugs of Sangria in a tapas bar they felt a spark that after some time turned out to be the fire of love.

After one year, when Piroz had to move out of his apartment temporarily as he was building a balcony, Karolina invited him to move in with her. What was thought to be a temporary stay became something permanent as Piroz just didn't feel like moving back.

After two years living together and enjoying their common passion of traveling, Piroz proposed on a deserted beach in the Philippines in December 2016 and the rest is history!

Piroz's Story

Piroz was born in Iran and moved with his family to Sweden when he was 6. His love for adventure has led him to live short periods of his life in Spain, Portugal, UK and Argentina.

Apart from traveling he loves dancing, cheese doodles, hot dogs and Tequila (which occasionally brings out his much loved alter-ego Pedro).  

Karolina's Story

Karolina grew up in Stockholm, with the exception of a year in the US . As a workout freak she spent most of her childhood and teen years practising and coaching gymnastics and dancing, and is now a frequent runner.

She holds a PhD in brewing ginger & lime shots with pure alcohol “borrowed” from the lab and has a strong distaste for some of people favourites indulgences, chocolate and cheese. She compensates with her love for cinnamon buns and Piroz mom’s persian food.


Why Spain

Piroz has been in love with Spain ever since his exchange year in Madrid in 2002. His passion has sometimes forcefully pushed his friends to join him in his many Spanish adventures, from taking month-long Spanish classes without improving his Spanish to weekend party trips.

Piroz’s love for Spain has slowly rubbed off on Karolina, starting with their first date at a Tapas bar, to their first trip together (to Madrid off-course), and many more trips with their friends exploring the country. So where better to celebrate their love than in Spain!